So busy!

by | Nov 1, 2006

It seems like people missed me while I was away 🙂

I’ve been very busy this week – lots of fun!

In chastity news – beltmeplease is free again – though for how long??? I made him suffer to earn his freedom – he really didn’t know until the very end if he were going to be released or not… The beautiful ms_victoria was there to assist – she was supposed to intercede with me on his behalf – but it took him quite a while to impress us – in the end she told him how I’m kind to animals – so he tried impressing us as a puppy – though it was the cute bunny rabbit that really caught my imagination.

So Very Fun

So I let him out 🙂

I’ve been doing lots of fabulous other sessions also – including two with adam4cbt which were focused on heavy ball beating – lots and lots of ball punching with my lead weighted sap gloves – and lots of ball kicking also – I’ve been debating the merits of a snap kick vs front kick 😉 both are effective it must be said but apparently the sensations are slightly different. I also used my new erostek! Which is very fun… and stapled and pierced and stuff…

Too fun 😀

Plus on Monday – three hours of endurance piercing bondage – and I used my nose lead!

But I have to run – more playtime 🙂