Some photos

by | Nov 19, 2006

My foot slave took these photos recently just before a session… Look at all my shoes! (and they’re just the ones in shot)… excuse the bruise on my leg – I have no idea where it came from – I’d say it was Kung Fu but I suspect it was probably just my scraping into the bondage bench – it kinda looks like the right height for that 😉

I’ve been super slack updating recently – unless of course you count a Santa meme and reposting an article about the CSIRO…

And what’s been happening – well I’d say the usual – but my usual is so much more fun than most people’s 😉 lots of great sessions – including intense nipple torture on ozibootslave where I introduced him to some incense burns (like teeny tiny cigarette burns without the cancer and wrinkles). And subjecting adam4cbt to 200 kicks to the balls, and lots of punches – I even practiced my leopard paw punch in dragon stance – because I wanted to see what it would feel like when it connected rather than just being used in kata…

Oh – and I got to do a fabulous cross dressing session! So much fun – I love playing dress-ups and it’s always so great getting such a good reaction when someone sees just how sexy they can look when in a latex mini-dress!

I’ve been having fun using the butt-plug attachement of my fabulous new ErosTek – I have to say the response so far has been *Very* positive on that! Though I have to say that while the sensations may be intense and unique and wonderful – I’m never going to hang up my strap-on! Twiddling a dial is not quite the same from my end 😉