well that was fun!

by | Nov 27, 2006

Kung Fu camp was fabulous – hard work of course but great…

I’m just running off to lunch and play with ozibootslave – but thought I’d post (with permission of course) this lovely email I was sent – happy smile – I get to play with the best people 😀

Dear Mistress,

Now that I have had time to reflect on yesterday’s session, I can find only positive things to dwell on. Your willingness to consider my fantasy objectives then turn them into reality is simply superb. You certainly managed to get me right into the head space I was seeking and you only took me as far as you felt it was right to go. There was a stage there where if you had have suggested you cut my arm off, I would have happily agreed to the idea. It takes a lot of trust to let go that far and I can only applaud you for getting me there.

Your new electrical toy is mind blowing and already I want more. It was interesting as you were trying to break down the last of my defences and you had turned up the power, I thought you must have had it turned up full. If I knew there was more to go, I would not have given in so easily. At that stage, I really wanted more butt activity and more nippletorture. (Boy! Is that a silly thing to say to a sadistic Domme or what?)

Your bondage skills are fantastic and the mix of rope bondage and the long arm binding gloves is just great. You already know my views on your rubber outfit so I cannot compliment you any more effusively on that issue.

I hope to have the opportunity to see you one more time before Christmas and will let you know when my availability is clearer to see if you are available.

On a more mundane note, I arrived at the airport on time and in a very relaxed state. On inspection of my butt this morning I found there was very little bruising, which is great (although it is still quite tender to sit on.) The whole marking issue is a difficult one for me as although it is comforting not to have any, those that are there are constant pleasurable reminders of the enjoyable experience. (It would be great in an idealworld, to have my butt criss crossed with all sorts of cane stripes but alas that is not to be.)

Keep well and I look forward to our next encounter.