by | Dec 10, 2006

Long time no update – bad me 😉

I’ve been very busy with lots of sessions – which has been great… and also working hard at Kung Fu with my next grading coming up this week (eek).

I got to play dress-ups a couple of times, which is always so fun – I really love seeing how different an everyday guy looks when he’s been put into a rubber mini-skirt and thigh high boots 😉

One fabulous session was a voyeur one – but instead of a friend of mine watching I had a sub bring in a female friend of his… I’ve done a few of these sorts of sessions before – and it can be very fun to see how the lady reacts to seeing her friend in a very different light! All went very well however – she was very amused and I think he definitly enjoyed being tormented in front of her.

Other fun in sessions this week included lots of lovely piercings and catheters – in fact I had to put in a medical supply order to replace my stocks of both – not the *most* exciting sort of shopping I have to say, gloves, catheters, sterile lube, needles and so on… but still – better than soap and at least I get to do it online 😉

I’ve also just had a good chance to chat to a lot of my subs lately – which is one of the things I really like about being independent – getting to know them more personally than is really possible in a large house environment…

I’ve realised it’s been just over three years since I started my own dungeon! Goodness – I’ve done a lot and had a huge amount of fun in that time – three trips to the states! Only my accountant knows the true horror of all the money I’ve spent on toys, equipment and fetish wear… hehehehe – my catch cry when shopping for that sort of thing is “but I NEED it for my WORK”!