by | Dec 23, 2006

Eek – long time no update again… I think I just haven’t been feeling so much like writing stuff – I’m sadly behind on replying to some threads on my board at Max Fisch also – plus once again I had a zillion pages of friend requests on myspace (though I did catch up with those just now).

In my defence I’ve been very busy this week and a bit – lots of fun sessions! Most memorable would be with a sub I’ve been seeing for many years – but who doesn’t live in Australia… over the years we’ve pushed his boundaries and certainly now play at the very extreme end as far as corporal punishment goes – this last visit was four hours of intense playtime that finished with 400 strokes of the cane. Yum!

Though the next day I could hardly hold anything in my right hand – the muscles in my forearm were so fatigued!

What else… ah – fisting – speaking of which – check out this hilarious xmas carol 😉

Oh – and I saw a couple I’ve played with before… which was very fun – they certainly know how to enjoy themselves 😉

Annnd – what else – lots of cbt, lots of corporal punishment, heaps of bondage, and of course my strap-on has been well and truly getting a work out!

I also spent some time with some overseas visitors – a couple of nice meals and also going to the beach, sadly on an overcast day, but it was still nice to swim… and very good to hang out.

Oh – and christmas shopping… surprisingly I’ve finished it all – which is very unusual for me – usually I’m the sort of person who’s running around at the last minute on xmas eve trying to think of things 😉