I go by the name of…

by | Dec 3, 2006

Lupe Fiasco – or maybe not… but I love that line

Okay – so long time no update 🙂 though I have managed to catch up with myspace – though I say that now I’ll probably check and find another zillion friend requests and lame ass messages…

I’ve been doing a lot of sessions – having heaps of fun… you know the deal 😉

I’ve actually been using the catacombs a bit more too – I think because I’ve had some longer sessions, so they’re always great to incorporate – particularly doing mummification and sensory deprivation – so good to leave someone down there isloated in the dark… then come back and torment them some more 😉

I had a wonderful surprise from newbotb yesterday who came to see me for a session (so fun – there was isolation, there was singletail, I set his balls on fire) and also gave me a very generous contribution to my “buy an autoclave” fund! So I can start seriously looking now – and not at dodgy old ones on ebay 😉 So happy

And in meme-land