by | Jan 10, 2007

I’ve had a busy and fun couple of days…

Fabulous sessions including a great cross dressing escapade yesterday where I got to use a new corset I recently acquired and also got to break out the make-up! Fabulous – I’m so glad that my sub found the experience of having “her” face done erotic – I know it can be so highly charged yet very restrained at the same time… lovely!

I picked up another great “new” corset for my “girls” yesterday as well – a beautiful bright red PVC waist cincher… I haven’t got to use it yet – so anyone interested in a fabulous sexy look will be more than welcome! I love playing dress-ups 😀

Last night I finally went back to Kung Fu – now all I need is for yoga to go back (next week) – I’ve been feeling a bit hmmm – “over holidayed” with all the eating and drinking and all my regular sports off line.. though I think my body was happy for a break as I’d be working pretty hard in the lead up to my last grading.

I got to put my skills to use today on adam4cbt though we did a lot of other lovely things – like singletail target practice on his cock 😉 and seeing how far I could lift his hindquaters suspending him by the balls alone… oh – and lots of electo!

Happy sigh