by | Jan 22, 2007

I’ve been super busy recently – having way too much fun at times 😉

Several cross dressing sessions which have been great fun – I’ve brought out the burgandy velvet corset I bought recently a couple of times but haven’t used the sexy red pvc waist cincher yet… though I have another c/d session tonight so that might change 🙂

I also did a photo shoot session with adam4cbt for a competition that’s running on a community I’m a member of… it’s a heavy cbt photo competition – and some of the shots I took are fantastic! I’m not in any of them though – well apart from a couple with my hand – so some time I’ll have to see if emstergraphics or serpentinekiss want to shoot something very different!

Which reminds me I’d better email him the photos so he can post them!

I saw ozibootslave yesterday afternoon – which was very fun as always… we spend a lot of time chatting – but the play is also very intense! This time he really wanted to be pushed in corporal punishment – so he took a very severe thrashing… and we all know what that means – happy sigh.

How hot is it though! Eeek – my aircon at the dungeon isn’t really keeping up with the task – I think I might need to get someone in to take a look at them… anyone know anyone??