by | Feb 16, 2007

I’ve been having a very busy week… lots of fun sessions – including a couple of couples 😉 I guess it’s a romantic time of year 😉

Both of these were for training rather than sessions per se – which I have to say is something I really enjoy… I like feeling like people go away feeling confident that they’ve learned some skills that they’re looking forward to exploring together. It’s always a lot more relaxed than a session too – I’m in casual clothes instead of full fetish glamour and I think that a more down to earth demeanour helps people who might be a bit nervous to relax.

I’ve also had some very intense fun with adam4cbt today is our last session in the massive festival of pain – he’s been subjected to over 600 kicks to the balls over two sessions (Teus and Wed) so far – so I’ll be interested to see how he holds up this time – he had a break yesterday – but I suspect it’s not going to help that much!

In other news I’ve used both my lovely new toys!

The flogger is hilarious – it makes a loud noise but apparently just feels quite nice – which is good I suppose in certain circumstances – but being me of course I’ll tend to swap it out for something a little more severe after a few minutes 😉

The fiddle is great! So thanks so much to the very kind sub who made it for me 😀 Though it is quite big so if I used it on people with smaller wrists I’ll have to add in some extra security…

My trip to San Francisco is coming up fast – I’m mostly going over for a vacation – but am really looking forward to a couple of sessions that I’ll be doing – so I will be available, but only with advance notice so I can make sure to have packed the appropriate outfits 🙂