by | Mar 25, 2007

I competed in my first Kung Fu tournament today! It was a bit of a surprise really because I’d told my Sifu I didn’t want to compete this time as I was away for almost two weeks of training just before – but she managed to convince me at the last moment…

Anyway – I missed out on an ugly trophy (by 0.02 points it must be said) – but was very happy with my performance and was the second placed woman in the beginner/intermediate section of Traditional Forms Hard Style (if that makes sense – hehehe) First and second places were both boys from my club – one of whom is a senior student who probably shouldn’t have been in that ring – and third was a Karate brown belt woman…. and before anyone asks – yes there were more than four people! Hehehe – I beat all the men who weren’t from my club 😉

So good fun – and most importantly Sifu was proud of me – especially because I’d missed so much training in the lead up… and it was my first competition – though probably not the last 🙂

The Part of You That No One Sees

You are lively, dramatic, and flamboyant.
You have an outrageous personality…
And you secretly resent anyone who makes you tone it down.

Underneath it all, you are driven by your need for attention and acceptance.
You need to feel special at all times.
You are secretly jealous and occasionally insecure.