by | Mar 29, 2007

Well I’m back in the swing of things again – interesting how it quickly being away reverts to regular life… I’ve had quite a number of fabulous sessions since I came back – including plenty of severe ball torture for poor adam4cbt on two occasions!

I also have had a chance to use most of the fabulous new toys I brought back with me – lots of new electrical attachments – including a new electrical humbler! How fabulous is that! Though I need to play with it a bit more – it’s quite different to my regular everyday humbler 😉

I’ve had quite a number of new people calling me recently which is always nice – though I tend to make them jump through a few hoops before I take a booking – mostly just to make sure that we’re on the same page as far as interests go. But it’s often very good to have a new person’s energy and perspective – to see what that draws out of me as the Dominant…

I had some very fun bondage the other day also – which hasn’t been such a focus recently so it was very good… I loved having him in partial suspension and the fear when he thought he’d lose his balance and fall – but I knew he’d hang securely (if not super comfortably) – he’s usually more into leather and metal bondage so it was fun to incorporate a little more rope.

Leading around has been a feature in the last few days also – leading around my cb-bondage – or even better by my nose leash… I’m still in love with that toy – so simple but still very unusual – and with such a fabulous impact!

I’ve got some very interesting sessions coming up over the next few days – including beltmeplease coming in – and I suspect he’ll be bringing his cb3000 so yay! I’ve been really missing having a chastity slave – I love those keys.