Home again home again….

by | Mar 21, 2007

Jiggety jig!

I arrived home yesterday morning – though about two and a half hours later than was expected! Eeek – just what everyone needs at the end of a 14 hour flight is the news that we can’t get into Sydney due to fog and will have to stop in Brisbane to refuel…. ergh

But eventually I made it home – and made it through customs and immigration in reasonable time… that’s always an awful bit – lining up in all those queues when you just want to go home and have a shower.

I’ve bought some fabulous new toys! I’m looking forward to trying something interesting out on adam4cbt this afternoon 😉

I’m feeling quite human at the moment it must be said – I stayed awake yesterday till about 2.30 or 3pm and then slept for a few hours, woke up and gave presents to people then went back to bed and slept again…. I was awake a lot earlier than usual this morning – but not too bad… so I guess we just see how it all washes out over the next few days.