by | May 3, 2007

Who else is love?

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I wrote such a great entry the other day about the fabulous women’s VIP event at MaXXX Black and it got lost 🙁 I was there doing bondage demonstrations and teaching… I actually find it a nice way to connect with people – in many ways better than just standing up the front being an “educator” – which really isn’t me – it’s more about showing people some cool stuff and giving them the confidence to go have a play… a huge thank you to my beautiful model Miss serpentinekiss

Anyway – it was all good fun – and – MaXXX have got a great selection of books in! Lots of erotica and fabulous things like Midori’s books (japanese bondage, wild side sex, master han’s daughter), SM101, The Ethical Slut etc etc…. all the “classics”

Session wise I’ve been doing some interesting things – including a four hour bondage and rubber extravagansa last night 😉 I really love how different someone is when they’re encased in tight shiny black rubber… like the ordinary person is totally transformed into a fetish object for me to play with…

Interestingly the earlier session of the day had been someone new who was a naughty boy visiting the Headmistress… he certainly learned his lesson however leaving with a very sore bottom indeed after both a prolonged severe hand spanking and a trip over my desk to take a dozen strokes of the cane!

Domestic discipline is so very different from a dungeon session – and I must say is really the main roleplay that I enjoy… being the Headmistress or Governess of a boy in need of a firm hand. I tend to find other roleplay pretty hokey – and I can’t really get into it a lot of the time…