by | May 25, 2007

News of today…

– Birthday Intro sessions are fun
I had a really nice new-to-kink sub come in today – he’d even brought a camera so I could take some photos for him to take home to his wife – I hope they enjoyed looking at them together 😉

– Quinoa rocks
As happens three or so times a year I’m doing detox again… there are lots of different sorts – I take a few different supplements, but mostly it’s about cutting out processed food, sugar, alcohol, wheat, dairy, caffiene, white rice, most salt (I have a little bit of vege-salt instead)… but every time I tend to remember how much I like eating all the things I cook on detox – and try out new things. Like Quinoa – which is a grain from the Andes, it’s very high in protein and is really tasty. So yay.

And news from a couple of days ago…
– Furry friends for grown ups
I’ve got new favourite chocolate – Endangered Species chocolate – Just like Furry Friends – well at least as far as the pictures of animals on the front – but this is organic fair traded chocolate so a tiny bit healthier – and very good. I especially like the one with the tiger on it, which is organic dark chocolate with espresso beans – Yum! Though not for a couple of weeks 😉