by | Jun 14, 2007

Goodness – I can’t believe this week has almost gone already, I’ve been super busy – that leaves only a couple of weeks until I leave on my trip 🙂 I’m so looking forward to catching up with all my friends in the US – and of course visiting the UK for the first time!

Lots of fabulous sessions as always – but I really wanted to write about a hilarious humiliation session from Monday (remember monday – hehe)

Slave T has been under my control to help him with weight loss – every couple of weeks he comes in and is weighed and has to complete a certain number of push-ups… he’s been doing very well – meeting (or passing) his targets and is looking great. So as a reward he got to show off in front of a couple of girlfriends of mine… one of whom has watched a number of sessions – but the other was brand new to the world of BDSM – and I have to say certainly seemed to find it very amusing (when she wasn’t blushing). Slave T had brought us a beautiful bottle of French Champagne, so I think that softened Miss L and Miss K up a little…. there were plenty of giggles as the girls watched the antics I made him perform!

I think everyone’s favourite was when I filled him with a curly pig tail butt plug – then he went snuffling around the floor looking for truffles… but got distracted by a puddle of piss and wallowed in it – the tail quivering at every move. Too Funny

Though the bell ringing was hilarious also.

I’m not really a classic “Humiliatrix” sort of Mistress – I genuinely like submissive males – but I have to say that when that’s someone’s kink – I really love getting into their heads to find out what sort of humiliation is going to have them squirm in delicious embarrassment, totally turned on while they’re blushing bright red… though Slave T is such a shameless slut he seems to relish each torment even more – especially when Miss L was so shocked and entertained at the same time!

She’s very keen to see what other awful things I get up too – so if anyone’s thinking about a voyeur session (outside of business hours only) they should give me a call! Miss L is moving overseas in a month so there’s limited time to see her looking shocked (and enthralled).