by | Jun 16, 2007

I had a very busy day today with a full day photo shoot with the amazing serpentine_kiss omg – we shot *so much*! A big thank you to my slave sk_ott for being a very patient and dutiful “warm prop” over many many outfit changes and for doing the emergency memory card and snack run 🙂

I think we got a lot of great shots (fingers crossed) – I shot so many different outfits – from silk slip to full rubber catsuit via fabulous new leather outfit (much thanks to Dean at Demon who had my new custom skirt all sorted out in time for my shoot).

It was all great – until the very last couple of shots when I’d suddenly had enough and sore feet and fatigued muscles from all the posing – hehehe 😉

I loved the makeup – which was done by a mua who’s a friend of Mistress Serena’s… she did something glamorous that still looks like me – because while I love a super directional high-fashion look it’s not what I look like. And I don’t want people to look at photos and then be disappointed – which is why I never have photoshopping (apart from minor background fixes or whatever) on my pics…

So a good day – and here are some silly webcam photos from a minute ago context – liquidskin was playing guitar and I’m smiling at him.