by | Jun 7, 2007

I bought such a cute jumper today in Newtown… it’s black with red stripes – not wool sadly but very cute and should be a nice extra layer, and a bit more glamorous than what I had been wearing earlier! I know that most of my subs are used to seeing me in “civilian” clothes not just fetish wear as I like to get changed after the inital chat… but really today I looked like “Mistress Bogan” with pink uggies and a flannelette shirt! Hehe – though I’ve also been wearing a very very old black top that alphapup left in the back of my car one time… It’s way too big – and has holes but is very comfy! Lucky I don’t think anyone saw me as I was heading off to yoga and running some errands – and I changed into some more presentable jeans to hang out with bobs-in-toyland.

I certainly needed warm today! It was cold – shiver – though I know to all my friends in the US (particularly NYC and Chicago) 59F is considered almost balmy… though it’s certainly warmer there now. Mistress Wynter I know hates the heat – but I tend to love it so we’ll see.

I have no idea what to pack – as usual! But this time I’ll be doing some hiking when I’m in Scotland – which should be really fun… I’ll have to hunt out some books and see what’s good. Plus of course there are quite a few people who want to see me for sessions – happiness – last time I was in New York I had so much fun playing, and I’m really looking forward to catching up again 🙂