home again!

by | Jul 30, 2007

Home again safe and sound – including all my luggage – hurrah!

I also managed to survive my martial arts training camp over the weekend – in retrospect that was a kinda crazy decision… getting into Sydney at 5am and then leaving for a training weekend that afternoon – but it all went fine. Though my sleep is still a little strange – but I did have a nap earlier today which was a good thing.

Unpacking is a good plan – especially some of the fabulous new things I’ve acquired! Yay!

Oh – and here are a couple of photos from the Orkneys – huge thanks to ozibootslave for giving me such an amazing experience… I’m very lucky to have someone who’s such a good friend as well as a fabulous slave 🙂 though I think he did take too much enjoyment in taking photos of me in casual clothes clambering around standing stones, crawling into ancient burial mounds and paddling in the ocean – makes a change from seeing me in full rubber or leather in my nice warm dungeon!