by | Aug 10, 2007

I had such a lazy day yesterday… I was in a grumpy mood so I didn’t answer the phone – just shoved it under a cushion when it rang 😉 perhaps I should get back in touch with Ginger about her doing receptionist stuff for me – just when I’m in session or hiding out – hehe

Kung Fu last night was really good though – and put me back in a good mood… I hadn’t trained for over a month I think – with my travels… apart from our training camp which started the day I got back! I have a grading coming up in a month – amusingly the day of Rubber Ball! There’s a tournament on the Sunday – the State Titles – which I qualified for but I’d rather go to Rubber Ball – though I wouldn’t mind going and just watching some events – particularly the full contact. But I suspect I’ll be curled up in bed still slightly oily from Eros 😉

So more focus on training – I’m pretty confident I’ll be okay for grading – but it’s still a *lot* of work, and I don’t want to scrape through… plus it will be good for my fitness – I was happy I managed class last night without any problems – though I’m a bit sore today, not good sore either more stiff in the lower back. Sigh – more dedication to yoga as well – that always balances out the martial arts…