by | Aug 29, 2007

How nice has the sunshine been these last few days!

I’ve had a perfect mix of sessions and other stuff – though I suspect that’s more good management than good luck in a lot of ways as I really try not to take too much on. Hence the not-answering-the-phone thing when I’m busy… 😉

Monday I had a dentist appointment – which I can’t say I enjoyed, but I still have no fillings and I really like my dentist and it gives me a good excuse to go to the beach because she’s in Bronte where I lived for 10 years before moving to the inner west. So after my check up, non-flossing lecture, and new mouth guard fitting – I went to sit in the sun and look at the water for a while with a nice snack and a coffee. I miss living there sometimes, but I do love the inner west as well. Monday night I had a domestic styled session with someone I hadn’t seen for a while, it incorporates many different elements but I think one of the most important aspects is just spending time with him sitting at my feet talking to me.

Yesterday – finally back to yoga – then a fun session that I really took a bit too late as it made me run late for kung fu – I need to remember that I can never rush a session – or the chatting time beforehand!

Today I had to go to my sifu’s house and work on my kata privately some more – and then had a caning session with someone new… mistress_jadis assisted very ably with that… I think it was good for her to see me discussing a session with someone I haven’t seen before. A large majority of my sessions are with people I know quite well – so a lot of the time pre-session negotiation is more chat than actual session discussion…

In shopping news, I bought a new blindfold and a new gag the other day when I was visiting Radical Leather – nothing too exciting 🙂 but as always something new!

Much more exciting is my new catsuit from house of harlot – I got my credit card bill today (eek) and saw that the charge when through on the 30th of July so hopefully I will be getting a parcel in the mail any day now!