Apprentice update

by | Aug 24, 2007

Well enough about my strange musical taste – I’m sure people are far more interested in how my beautiful apprentice is going…

mistress_jadis has come in on several sessions of mine now – and so far I’m impressed with how she’s progressing… I must say I had a bit of an eye opener one day this week 😉 I got her to come in to meet a certain slut of my acquaintance and was very interested to learn that she already had her own strap-on… aha! Well I did know that she was a lifestyle player – but this really tells me some specific information!

Let me just say – that sub was in 7th heaven – I don’t think he was expecting a gang-bang – but he sure got one! Apprentice Mistress Jadis seems to have a passion for strap-on – who knew 😉 In that session she also got to watch me give a golden shower – and I think she’s keen to try that out for herself… hehehe

We also had an experienced corporal punishment sub come in so I could take her through a variety of different implements and positions with him and get confident with how to administer an over the knee spanking, paddles, the strap and of course the cane! Thanks so much to sub G for his help 🙂

After he left I turned poor Miss Jadis over the bench herself to further her education – as I am a firm believer in the fact that one needs to know what an implement feels like before you wield it… though in this case it followed shortly after – which is good in a way. When I gave her the strap she looked at me with such surprise and said “that really hurts!” – “well yes, yes it does… and you were laying it on with great zeal!”

While I don’t believe it takes a good sub to make a good Domme – not everyone has that urge to submit within them (I know for a fact I don’t) – one can still learn what the sensations are like, which will only make one more skilled.

Anyway – she was very brave and I was very proud of her, and more certain that I have found the right person to train….

More sessions planned this weeked – anyone who wants to be a part of her journey should give me a call!