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Some happy snaps from my session….

I love caning!
I love caning!

There are more photos below the cut… oh – and aussiewageslave posted a brief review over on Max Fisch

There was a lot of good things in a short amount of time – slave training, anal, two different rope suspension positions (shame I didn’t get a photo of that but I didn’t remember I had my shiny new camera with me till it was a bit late – but you can see rope marks in the photos behind the cut), lots of nipple torture, cbt, a big golden shower from me…


I’m sorry ibis…. I didn’t realise that you were refugees from the drought – I just started hating you – only looking at your dirty rumpled feathers and garbage bin ravaging… all the poo on marrickville road when I’m walking up to get a coffee… Speaking of which – I might go get a coffee…