Busy weekend!

by | Sep 24, 2007

I had a crazy busy weekend… five sessions in two days – all were very fun though 🙂 I even received a couple of early birthday presents! A generous gift card for David Jones which I’m having fun deciding what I’ll spend it on… probably non-fetish clothes for a change or some body care products – I love lotions and those sorts of things. And a beautiful Black Beauty razor strop – which has already gotten a good workout – happiness.

Such a fabulous mix of play… full transformation, caning, spanking, cbt, bondage, nipple torture, corset training as breath control, piercing, enema fetish, electrical, domestic discipline and singletail! Phew… And times – from a quick half hour visit to the disciplinarian for spanking and role play to three hours at the more extreme end… I do tend to do a lot of longer style sessions – I was thinking Miss Jadis hasn’t seen very many one hour, light to medium sessions with me. Though as I was saying to one of my longest serving slaves on Thursday – I do enjoy playing at a range of levels – and with a range of activities.

mistress_jadis is back from her travels – and came in for one of the sessions on Saturday evening. We’re playing again tonight which I’m looking forward to. I’ve decided that it’s time for her to start doing sessions on her own – so she can begin to find her own style of domination. While the actual hard skills are incredibly important in session, the ability to put them all together and to inspire and seduce the bottom into submitting is paramount. And something that I believe she is well on the way to developing and honing. Peirc

She has some new photos that look great – though I might take some myself (with my fabulous shiny new camera!) so she has some with a range of outfits… I think it’s good to show a few different looks – even though her rubber outfit is super sexy as poor beltmeplease seems to have discovered at 3am this morning! Snicker… I do so love chastity!

Running off now to attend my mother’s graduation! She’s being awarded her PhD this morning – I’m so proud of all her hard work 🙂