Some happy snaps from my session….

by | Sep 25, 2007

I love caning!
I love caning!

There are more photos below the cut… oh – and aussiewageslave posted a brief review over on Max Fisch

There was a lot of good things in a short amount of time – slave training, anal, two different rope suspension positions (shame I didn’t get a photo of that but I didn’t remember I had my shiny new camera with me till it was a bit late – but you can see rope marks in the photos behind the cut), lots of nipple torture, cbt, a big golden shower from me…

Mistress Jadis testing aws’s bottom to see if it’s hot enough after she spanked him! She surely loves spanking, obviously a girl after my own heart 😉

it was! So I proceeded to give him a good thrashing… Miss Jadis and I ended up standing one on either side…

Yum – catheter… I love invading someone’s cock! and the delicious humiliation of making them wet themselves – happy sigh

Eros tek is my friend! I’m not so sure if AWS would agree – hehe but you never know 😉

Electrodes to the genitals for all I say!

Mistress Jadis about to give her first golden shower…. well – almost… her first golden shower attempt?

Her yellow hanky virginity is still up for grabs! But I want to be there to take a photo when it eventuates 🙂

As you can see – I went and found the cable 🙂

I’m not answering the phone in case anyone’s trying to call me – I have a cold and have almost lost my voice… not to worry – I generally never stay sick for more than a couple of days…