by | Oct 20, 2007

I’ve had such a busy week – and have quite a lot already in my diary for this week too… including overnight and extended sessions! I do really enjoy this sort of play – as it really gives a chance to explore different activities, intentions and experiences very deeply… there’s a world of difference between playing for a couple of hours and being held in a cell not knowing for sure when it’s going to end.


Of course I love playing in lots of other ways – it doesn’t have to be a tour-de-force-de-blood *every* day! I saw an adult baby recently which was very interesting – I used to see a lot of “babies” when I was at Salon Kitty’s but not so much in the last few years… Speaking of which mistress_jadis and I were commenting that she hasn’t had a chance to play with any foot slaves – which is a shame as she’s just had her first ever pedicure and wants to show it off!

We have had some fun playing together this week with one poor bootslave in a paroxysm not knowing which foot to kiss… so good – this was with a slave who’d seen her a couple on months ago when she very first started training with me – he was so impressed with how much she’d learned, and grown into her natural dominance as she’s had more skills and experience.

I’m up very early (for me) – I’m going to a martial arts tournament this morning – not competing this time myself – but going along to support my club… then session later this afternoon which I’m really looking forward to.