by | Oct 28, 2007

So sleeeeepy… I love daylight savings – just not so hugely keen on the change-over. Especially not when some annoying person keeps calling and then texting me at about 4am when I’m trying to sleep! Grumble grumble… at least he had the decency to send me an apology this afternoon saying he was drunk (hmm – big shock that one). Sigh – that is why I should probably turn my phone off in the night – it’s just that I sometimes forget to turn it on again the next day!

Yesterday was a good day – I had Kung Fu in the morning, and then a fabulous extended abduction session afterwards… mistress_jadis came in to assist me which was great – the scenario was that the sub had answered an advertisment about a flat mate. I answered the door wearing a towel saying I just had to go get changed and could he wait in here – then when Jadis went into the room from the door on the other side – I sneaked back in – popped a bag over his head and soon had him overpowered!

He was then held for five hours and put in a wide range of different bondage positions – japanese suspension, vac bed, puppy cage with an anal hook attached to the bars, vertical cage, medical chair, body bag… all the goodness one could wish in a heavy bondage session – happy sigh

Oh – and lots and lots of hoods, head bondage and restraint – which I always enjoy.

This morning my enema fetishist came in to see me – he’s always complaining how hard it is to get an appointment but sometimes you just have to be persistent! I guess it can be easier for people who are a bit more technical, and can send me a text or an email instead of playing phone tag… still he gets through eventually 😉

Strangely I was happy to not get to thrash anyone yesterday or today – because my elbow is a bit sore at the moment and I thought it probably needed a rest! Hehe – a combination of too much kung fu and too much beating people I suspect. I had some sort of good news about my sore knees too – I was thinking it was just getting older (sob) but have now found out it’s because I built up one side of my quads more than the other from horse stance – so I have to do some exercises to strengthen the other side so my kneecaps stop getting pulled out of alignment. Which isn’t all joy – but at least I’m not ready for the walking frame yet 😉