Flying solo!

by | Oct 11, 2007

mistress_jadis is flying solo now! She passed her first exam recently and is now confident to do sessions by herself. She’s gained experience in a wide range of activities – mostly still of course at a light to medium level… So bondage, cbt, erotic tease, spanking, nipple torture, cp, cross dressing and especially her favourite strap-on play! She’ll be launching her own website soon and will have personal contact details – but in the meantime anyone who wants to see her can book through me. I’m very proud! She’s already conducted one session with adam4cbt which went very well – and is now rearing to go.

In the mundane details of my life I’ve had a quiet day at home today – yesterday was a fabulous bush walk in the Royal National Park – I sometimes forget how much I love it there, so close to sydney and so beautiful… Then came home and had a great fisting session where Mistress Jadis was able to give her first fisting with me… we’re Domme Sisters now! Hehe – I just had a big green tofu curry – which was v. good but I’m feeling so full! Eeek ah well – I’ll work it off at Kung Fu tonight… I’m in the confused part of learning new kata 🙂 though hopefully tonight will be more sparring which is always good fun! At least my expensive new mouth guard that I got from my dentist isn’t so uncomfortable any more – she did say it would take a few wears…

and in memeland….

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