So here is a slightly better update 🙂

by | Oct 26, 2007

First – a reward because I’ve been so slack in updating recently… here is a photo from my overnight session on Wednesday night – this was taken in my downstairs dungeon – the catacombs… which I’ve been loving lately… usually I hardly ever venture down there. But for some reason I’ve just been craving chaining people to the wall – hehe – as you do!

Mistress Jadis took this photo when she was in for part of the session.

I put it behind a cut because she’s doing something nasty to someone’s genitals – hehe – and it’s unlikely to be a good idea to look at the photo at work 😉 She really seems to be loving mummification and erotic torture… as you can see 😉

We had a lot of fun in that session. As is often the case in extended sessions there was a lot of sensory deprivation and restictive bondage. Including using the fabulous rubber vac bed… this sort of play is much better suited to long sessions, probably because I’m a bit of an ADD Domme in most sessions – bouncing around from one thing to another like a mean little girl who’s had too much red cordial. Which is fabulous for people who like to experience a whole lot of things in their time with me – but not always so perfect if people like to languish in helpless bondage…

I also finally replaced my standing cage back near the bathroom… It had been shifted into the store room – which wasn’t useful at all – but I’d been a bit lazy about bringing it back out… but of course now I have I’m wanting to use it all the time!

I certainly did on Tuesday when I had a fun cross-dressing session with one of my favourite playthings 🙂 s/he always wants to wear the same outfit though – which sometimes makes me laugh because I have such a good wardrobe of outfits for my “girls” – but s/he knows what s/he likes! So that’s a very good thing… and I must say that s/he looked very appealing locked in the cage in that slutty red pvc dress and knee high boots!

My sissy baby came in again this week also – and ended up doing all sorts of awful fabulous things – including dancing to my Marilyn Monroe cd – a fabulous routine ensued! I even assisted with dance moves… hehe – though poor “baby” ended up with both a snack *and* a smack – giggle… too fun!

I was looking at sissy outfits on ebay – because I’ve got a lot of fabulous large size fetish outfits for my “girls” – lots of pvc and rubber – but not a whole lot besides the lovely french maids outfits (one rubber, one regular) and ruffled panties for those who like to be more frilly… though I did love putting sissy in the lovely baby pink shoes I have! Or maybe in a school uniform and mary janes…

My 12 hour session on Monday was an amazing tour-de-force-de-pain… not something that many people would seek out as an experience because it’s physically and psychologically so very severe. Not all extended and over night sessions are this intense. But this particular sub and I have been exploring brutality and extreme torments for some time with a couple of previous extended sessions paving the way so far.

While he’s had more severe beatings in the past – the aftercare has always been gentle and tender – but this time he was left chained to the wall in the dark or thrown into the small uncomfortable cage. Of course I was always in earshot – but still the mental cruelty aspect of our session was really heightened… It was very intense and very interesting… I know that when mistress_jadis came in on session with us a couple of months ago when she first started training with me it was very confronting for her to watch me keep single-tailing someone who was sobbing on the floor – but the intensity of the experience is something that makes it so precious and so unusual.

We (the tortured sub) and I had an interesting discussion before we started playing about the nature of consent. I have often felt a little confronted by my own desires – and concerned that people are going along with them purely because they’re “in the moment”, or they want something from me, or they’re simply not quite strong enough to say no. So I have a tendency in personal life to be a little reticent – to let people come forward and ask me… that way I know for sure that they’re really along for the ride!

The inherent nature of ProDomme sessions then works well for me – people go out of their way to see me – they have to jump through various hoops (not the least of which is how busy I am and hard to catch on the phone) – so I can be reasonably sure they really want to see me! I have excellent negotiation skills – particularly when it comes to determining if people are as experienced as they think – and understanding what they’re asking for… I also now tend to play more often than not with people I know – so we have an established relationship of trust on both sides.

So when a session that is *very* heavy in terms of physical or mental play comes along – the basis of trust, understanding and consent is there to enable us to do some very extraordinary things.