by | Nov 7, 2007

Lots to update about 🙂

I had a really good session yesterday with someone new (to me) – he had originally contacted me in regards to an overnight session – but I don’t take extended bookings from people I don’t know. Imagine the awfulness of being trapped with someone you had no chemistry with for a 12 hour session! Yikes…

However we had a lot of fun – so I said he’s welcome to try a longer and more intense session 🙂

There was lots of good things – heavy flogging, singletail, suspension bondage, boot worship, severe inflatable rubber hood, caging, piercing, metal bondage, golden showers – happiness for me! hehehe I can certainly fit an awful lot into a couple of hours 😉 though sometimes I wonder if I’m ADD Mistress leaping around from one thing to another – but hey – no one’s ever bored! (especially me)

Lots of other sessions I haven’t mentioned – including a big day on Sunday with mistress_jadis where I introduced her to enema fetish, we did some more domestic discipline with a naughty boy and dear newbotb came in and was the cutest and busiest helper slave ever! Because I needed a shiny shiny dungeon for my photo shoot on Monday…

Today I had a chance to introduce Ms Jadis to age play – something she hadn’t really been exposed to – she was my student teacher taking a very naughty boy in hand 🙂

Much fun!