by | Nov 10, 2007

As people may know – I’ve been really enjoying introducing mistress_jadis to various activities – and I had my favourite trampling slave come in on Friday evening so I could train her in trampling and foot domination… it was pretty funny in some ways – I was so carefully explaining the different parts of the body you can safely trample and my slave was saying “I don’t mind that” – hehe… well he’s a very experienced sub into very heavy play. He didn’t believe I could kick him in the head (he’s 6’3″) but I soon proved him wrong – with some light slaps to the face with my foot – and that was without a proper warm-up! Not that I generally kick people in the head in session – in the chest – hmmm – well possibly…. especially kicking pegs off nipples – I love that!

So a fabulous foot slave – apart from the formal submissive part of being a slave – hehe – was all very lighthearted and ended up hilarious – particularly Mistress Jadis and I realising we both had “finger toes” we could pinch and tickle with! And quoting a creepy web-animation we all know “Salad Fingers” except with me starring as Mistress Salad Toes…. way too funny – and hopefully poor slave wasn’t too traumatised 😉

Quite a lot of my other play this week has involved various forms of age-play… from “teenage” boys being turned over my knee for a good spanking or bent over my “Headmistress’s” desk for a dose of the cane – to my dear Sissy Baby. S/he was terribly tormented recently – left in a little cage in the dark downstairs with the worrying thought that the witch from Hansel and Gretel might be along soon too see if she were fat enough to eat! Later of course I let her out – and did so many very evil things to her – I so love seeing her innocent little face looking sweetly at me while I’m giving her a bottle (that I just filled myself – hehe)… too fun!