by | Dec 1, 2007

Just a rambly update I think…

Training this morning (as usual) – I don’t think I was very focussed to be honest. Guess I’m just not that much of a morning person 😉 though to be honest with my move and associated drama my martial arts have slid a little… I’m very disappointed that I’m going to miss camp next weekend – but I have a lot of moving to accomplish!

In other news – lots of fun sessions this week. I had someone come in for an introductory session and then come back again for more fun a couple of days later! Not what I would usually recommend as I think it’s good to let your experiences sort of settle and consolidate in your mind for a while. But he was flying out of Sydney in a few days so I understood wanting to take advantage of the opportunity!

Introductory sessions are always so interesting. In this case the sub emailed me with quite specific ideas – forced feminisation specifically – which is fun of course – but we ended up deciding to incorporate the fantasy, but to include a range of other BDSM activities as well so it was more of a general intro. Obviously this worked well 🙂 and he seemed to really love the rest of the bondage, cp, slave training and torment that he tried.

What else – of course a fabulous session with sk_ott once I stopped squeeing about the bullwhip… lots of chest punching, nipple torture, invasive goodness with his sounds, fisting, caning, and only a tiny bit of piercing – happy sigh.

I’ve had a few short sessions recently too – which can be very fun. Sometimes all that is needed is a short sharp shock! Particularly for naughty boys who need to be brought into line 😉 but mistress_jadis and I have had fun with some short golden shower sessions also. She’s very happy to have gotten over her initial performance concerns and is now relishing a new perversion to play with! As for me – well – I’m kinda known for my high volume showers 😉

I went for a manicure and pedicure this afternoon – usually I take my own nail polish… but this time I just picked from what they had – not sure if I like it. A gold – it looked a bit deeper and less yellow in the bottle… oh well – I can just redo myself with one of my favourite Chanel colours…

Going out tonight and have no idea what I feel like wearing. I wish my new catsuit was back from House of Harlot cause that would be perfect (and new). Oh well – I’m sure I’ll think of something.