Merry Christmas!

by | Dec 26, 2007

I hope Santa was good to everyone – I got a goat and a lamb… thanks to oxfam unwrapped which as many know is one of my favourite charities (along with the wilderness society) – I also got a share in a bridge in Cambodia to help isolated villages… so much better than a heap of random stuff – as people know I’m not really into wishlists and that sort of thing. Though personal presents from people who know me are always very welcome too 😉

Best of all I’ve had some amazing help with my new dungeon renovations from some very special people – big hugs to you all – though there’s plenty to do! So let me know if you’ve got a few hours spare and are happy to lend a hand on a paintbrush or sander!

When it comes to the renovations I swing wildly from excited to disappointed – as always everything takes a lot longer than one expects – and it all does look like a building site at the moment – but I have faith… Which is better than my skills, I’m not handy at all, best I can offer is drinks and snacks to my fabulous team 😀 Though I have been known to hurl things in a skip – and sign credit card slips!


It’s a process – but it will be Very Amazing – when it’s all done – or so I hope….