by | Jan 18, 2008

In news of the day – I have a fluffy rug!

It’s big and black and very very fluffy – happiness… though now I think I want to move the sofa from where it is now…

I’ve been quite busy with sessions the last few days which is a Very Good Thing – I’ve been getting a good response about my new playspace – even though there are still quite a few things to do.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned here but I’m off to the States again next Wednesday! Just a quick trip – I’ll be away for a week and a bit – back on the 3rd of February. This trip’s just a holiday – though I expect I’ll be doing a bit of shopping 😉 maybe some new electrical attachments from Mr S – nods.

mistress_jadis will be holding the fort while I’m away 😀 I think she’s looking forward to it!