Back playing again!

by | Jan 15, 2008

happy dance…

I’ve had three sessions in my new space – I’m so happy – I really really needed it 😉 lucky the first two sessions were both with masochists cause everyone knew that for the first couple my hand might be a teeny bit heavy.

But lucky for me I have the best fun people to play with – slaves, subs and masochists. There was singletail, there was lots of flogging, there was lots and lots of caning, some lovely needles, cruel bondage, all sorts of goodness…

Last night mistress_jadis and I had a double together which was very fun – lots of erotic tease, nipple torture and anal – she’s very accomplished with fisting now, which is an excellent thing 🙂

Reports on the new space have been very positive! I’m feeling very happy – and super grateful to my amazing team “The True Believers” who’ve been working tirelessly to get everything ready for me. Though there is still a long way to go – I’m happy where things are at the moment so I can work in the space and start to get a better feel for what I want where – how it’s all going to fit together.

I must post some photos! Maybe even some before and after so people can see what an incredible transformation has happened – though some of that is harder to see as blocking up a huge door with multiple layers of gyprock and stuff to make it more soundproof takes a lot of time!