by | Feb 13, 2008

I’m going to Japan!

On Monday… eek – I can’t believe it’s come up so quickly… but I’m so excited – I get to see snow monkeys and lots of other Very Good Things!

Though the problem with snow monkeys is the snow part – it’s Very Cold! And goodness knows I hate the cold with a passion – shiver – it was bad enough in San Francisco and that’s not really known for being cold – smiles – well apart from in Summer… though if I never hear that damn Mark Twain quote again it will be good…

Anyway I have new thermies to take with me – so I will endeavor not to freeze too much! I’m in Yudanaka not long after arriving so I won’t have had a chance to buy random snuggly hello kitty goodness…

I promise faithfully that once I’m home again I’ll stay put and play with all my Sydney subs 😉

In shopping news I bought an autoclave! So that’s a Very Exciting Thing – I now must aquire much goodness – a set of sounds is first… and of course jewelry, clamps, receiving tubes and piercing needles – I have a few people who want permanent piercings and are very pleased I’m finally equipped to do them.