by | Feb 26, 2008

In Kyoto now – achieving culture… though it’s a bit of a hard slog today – it’s Very cold – and wet – cold rain not quite melting the slush in random corners – though snow on a temple roof can look very pretty…

The battery in my camera has finally run out of charge – and I left the charger in Sydney – but no matter – I’m leaving for home tomorrow afternoon and anything really fabulous can be mopho’d

I have to say I’ve found the food a little trying at times – I’d love to be more adventurous but with the vegetarian thing it’s a little difficult. I’ve discovered that when I explain – people understand – they just won’t help… best example was trying to order tempura and soba – I got across that I didn’t want ebi – but it’s a set menu – there can be no changes. Cause obviously putting an extra piece of sweet potato (or whatever) and taking out a prawn is a big serious change to the menu… sigh

Ramen today were good – and a potato croquette with tonkatsu sauce 🙂

It’s made me pine after the food at the ryokan which included lots of strange tasty things but I knew it was vegetarian (well mostly – they said that they did include a little fish stock in some things – but I’m willing to be flexible about that – cause you know – how many parts per 1000 are actually fish)

Sitting in my hotel room – playing on the computer and contemplating heading out into the bitter cold once again – hmm – or there could be room service hot sake…. ponders.

Though I do need to try and find an English language book store or I will have nothing to read on the plane! Perish the thought 😉