Home again – but not for long 😉

by | Feb 3, 2008

I arrived back in Sydney at 8am this morning – so if this post doesn’t make a huge amount of sense you can easily guess the reason why 😉 I slept a bit on the plane – I think I must be getting a little more used to traveling… it had to happen eventually I suppose. I felt sorry for the man sitting next to me – he was travelling on to Port Augusta and had started his trip in another city to SF – so far more travel plus the fact that people over 6′ don’t fit so well in those little seats.

My visit to SF was fabulous – very relaxing – I did some shopping (of course) though was actually very restrained on my visit to Mr S… possibly this was because they were quite low stocked when I dropped by – I did however pick up some fun new toys (I must take some photos soon – I have a great idea for a shoot) and some fairly dull leads for my eros tek – but as one pair have been playing up recently I thought it would be a Very Bad thing if I ended up with no leads at all… I was planning on buying more attachments but there wasn’t much available.

I caught up with a few people which was very good – my friend Mistress Minax from Chicago who I’ve kept missing out on seeing on several occasions – lucky we were able to go out for dinner and spend some time together. She’s planning a trip (back) to Australia which will be fabulous fun but not until 2010! Which sounds insane until you realise it’s only the year after next… eek

The rest of the visit was just a pure holiday for me – including a trip up the coast to Mendocino – which is so very beautiful, if rather cold – but then I tend to have an affinity with wild windswept coastlines… This is the beach that was just below the beautiful Inn I stayed at – and me – looking very scruffy but extremely relaxed 😀

I have heard rumours that my True Believer team have been working hard while I’ve been away so I’m excited to see what’s new. I also have received a large, extremely heavy parcel while I was away – very exciting!