by | Feb 11, 2008

People are always posting on max, or in lj communities about music to play by and it’s interesting to see sugestions. I personally have an almost pathalogical horror of enigma and I’m not too keen on massive attack either 😉

Yesterday’s long session took my sub through a strange look at my cds. We started with Rammstein and then Tom Waits, Morphine, Chemical Brothers, Dusty Springfield, the Brandenburg Concertos, a mix cd someone made for me, Trance Nation 1 , Paul Mac, Trance Nation 2 and Ella Fitzgerald singing cole porter.

So yes, rather a mixed bag and that was without the Javanese gamelan music! Though I must admit to rather a lot of cheesy Ministry of Sound cds as friends found out to their horror one day when their very atmospheric cd ended and a crazed anthemey remix thing came on – snicker

The dungeon fairy left a cd out for me but the player didn’t seem to like it… Maybe is all cold chisel or something 😉

Mistress Jadis made a cd which I really like and play quite a bit, she’s very good at finding new music… So she’s planning on burning some more, which I should do also… Fill up the 60 stacker – or I could always just attach my poddie though that would require much organisation with playlists and so on… And I think might distract me in session.

Or people can always bring me music they think I might like to play in session – just no enigma or barnesey!