Photo update!

by | Feb 23, 2008

The ryokan where we stayed was very traditional… beautiful tatami mats, very hard pillows! Checking the book for the next adventure – soaking up some winter sun.

we had an amazing view out our window… I’m sitting in the ledge looking out

The indoor bath – once you get used to the sulpher smell it’s amazing – I love the old deep timber bath.

in yukata coming up the stairs from the onsen – the ryokan building looked ramshackle from the outside but was very beautiful inside.

The outdoor onsen was amazing – soaking in hot water while snow fell – then a monkey got in the bath with me! Lucky they empty and scrub it out everyday…

Snow monkeys are teh cuteness! They’re not really very wild anymore.

Hehe – it’s all warm soaks until someone picks a fight!

This is the hot spring in the monkey park – which is 5 minutes walk from the ryokan where I stayed…

baby monkey swinging on a rope

there was sun on the other side of the river – so I wanted to head over… ummm – scary scary plank was the only way across!

Mother and baby in the sun

hehe – the monkey spa! You could tell which monkeys were the Dommes – they had two or three attendants each – the less important ones had to groom themselves.

see – teh cuteness!