by | Mar 18, 2008

Another newtown crackberry post – so okay maybe I don’t completely hate it 😉

I’ve had some fabulous sessions recently – happiness – especially on sunday, thoughj apparently skott’s not the most popular man in town since he’s the man responsible for my beautiful bullwhip… Smirk

I’m really loving my new space – and using previously overlooked equipment like my huge, solid A-frame that spent the last few years in storage as I didn’t have the right place to put it.

Now of course – plenty of space!

I’ve been wearing some of my old favourites recently too – like the skirt I alwyas think of as my Leather Empress outfit as it has a train! And a long latex one I lived in for years then packed away…

Mostly because my Skin Two leggings were in for repair, but it’s interesting how one can get stuck wearing the same outfits over and over.

Though obviously not every outfit is suited to every session… Especially with some of the very physically intense sessions I do – though maybe I just need to have costume changes in the middle!

In other news only one month to my next grading! Eeek – so much work to do, weapon, bloody difficult kata, spinning hook kick etc and all the other kicks, punches, sparring that we’re graded on…

Speaking of which, I should head off now 🙂