dead dog!

by | Mar 14, 2008

well not dead per se… just very tired… I dragged poor chloe for a walk tonight to get my steps up for the Virtual Everest Challenge, she was very enthusiastic for the first ten minutes or so – then she decided that enough was enough… and just got slower and slower until I was nearly dragging her… I usually feel that having a 56Kg dog is a good deterrant if anyone was wanting to hassle me while I’m wandering the streets at night – but I suspect if anyone had done a thing she would have just layed down on the pavement and closed her eyes… lalalalala – I can’t hear you…

It’s the last couple of days of the fund raising challenge coming up so please don’t forget to sponsor us! Huge thanks the the people who have already – I’m going to do the pedometer photo shoot over the weekend 😉 I might even post the shots here if I get a few more donations!

Click here to sponsor the team – Knot Us!

Money to the children’s hospital and of course privacy is guaranteed – it’s all done through the charity’s website and I can’t see who’s donated money or anything like that… so if you do give please comment here or send me an email so I can know who to thank!

Our team is very small (the “regular” number is 15 and there are only 5 of us!) so while we’re behind in steps we’d like to be in front in terms of donations… so give something – the more dollars the more photos I’ll post!