Happy Chocolate Day…

by | Mar 23, 2008

Try not to eat too much! I actually have a savory tooth rather than a sweet – I tend to drive people mad by leaving lollies and chocolates around for weeks not eating them!

Sessions have been fun 🙂 Including some hilarious humiliation… I even called mistress_jadis so she could laugh at one particular sub – he was so shocked when he heard her voice shaking with laughter as he had to admit to “stealing” a pair of her knickers! Too much fun… and well suited to the half hour – just the right amount of time to squirm and blush and have to admit just what a disgraceful creature he was!

Another fabulous sissy slut was showing me all the sexy lingerie he’d been buying on ebay… parading around giving me a special fashion show. Of course it all ended in debauchery! But what can you expect 😉