on the up…

by | Mar 28, 2008


I went indoor climbing today with a friend who’s in town visiting… I haven’t been for ages and ages and sadly my skill set has dropped – so I’m just on the easy ones at the moment. Still it was good fun 🙂 I still have my own gear – shoes, harness, chalk bag – though I couldn’t find my harness earlier – though it turned up later when I had a big hunt.

Such fun scrambling up the walls – though my the end my forearms were cramping by the time I got to the top, and here I thought I had very strong hands 😉 though it is a very different sort of activity to ball squeezing!

In other news – some great sessions recently – including a fabulous “intro” session.

I am known for being someone who specialises in “heavy to extreme” sessions – but I also have a passion for introductory sessions. I actually think these two types are closely related not in terms of the severity, but because both relate so intensely to trust and being willing to submit to new experiences…