Phone manners…

by | Mar 10, 2008

Whatever happened to them?

Specifically I’m thinking about people calling me professionally – but they also seem to have declined in everyday life as well.

Remember when you were a child – and you were taught phone manners?

Like – don’t call early in the morning or late in the evening. Or when people are likely to be eating their Sunday dinner! Or introduce yourself “Hi – it’s Joe Bloggs” not just launch into conversation.

I think it’s all because of mobiles – you don’t have the worry that you’ll have to be polite to someone other than the person you’re calling – I well remember a friend’s cranky parent telling me off for calling so late one time, even though I thought 9pm was still in the realm of acceptable hours to ring!

Maybe I should put phone hours on my voicemail message – so people can have a guideline of when would be an acceptable time to start calling…