Settling in again

by | Mar 5, 2008

I’ve had such an unsettled start to the year – so much going on.

Mostly of course has been the on-going project that is my new dungeon… All the amazing hard work from my True Believers has certainly made huge changes over the past few months – though there is still more to be done! I keep getting the best feedback from everyone. It’s truly a unique space for Australia – not at all the regular room with equipment that most dungeons have to be.

Two trips overseas haven’t helped me settle down much either! Though sometimes things just work out that way – both bookings were made quite a long way in advance.

Anyway – I’m actually looking forward to a bit of staying home and consolidating for a while!

and showing off my beautiful new play space 😀

This afternoon I had one of my sluts come in for a visit – he’s so fun, cross dressing, light cbt and strap-on… it’s a friendly session that gets more intense as it progresses… we’ve been playing for a few years now and while I’ll occasionally incorporate some new things – generally we know what works and run with it 😉

In other news my rubber boots *finally* arrived from the UK! I ordered them months ago – sigh – now all I need is for my HoH catsuit to appear.