by | Mar 8, 2008

So this morning – I’m running out the door to training – and there’s something stuck in my security door…

It’s a sausage dog!

Too funny.

Cue some time trying to see if his belly will fit through – or we can squeeze past his mighty shoulders… hehe – I thought for a minute I’d have to get the big bottle o’lube to squeeze him out of the bars – but no – utilising the same “walking skin” technique one uses for getting peircings into the clamps or squeezing balls into a small cock ring, the dachshund’s scapulae were squooshed through the bars of my front gate!

Looked around in the street – but there wasn’t anyone calling for Gunther or Adolf or other Germanic cliche (I personally favour Bratwurst), so rather than leave him to either get re-stuck in my door or be hit by a car I dropped him up at the local vet so they could scan the micro-chip and call the owners…

Then ran off to training – only a tiny bit late – but with a hilarious story to tell!