by | Apr 3, 2008

I had a lazy day today – well apart from going going to Kung Fu and working really hard tonight 😉

Slept in – faffed around on the internet – went and had a late lunch – drove around looking at boots (not for me this time) and dropped in on the fabulous missdissent to pick up the cutest little black and red latex fascinator – cause you know – I need *all* hats! Well – cute hats that go with fetishwear anyway… not so much the floppy sun hat ones 😉

Which was a needed day of laziness – because I’ve been really busy lately! Having way too much fun it must be said…

So much goodness the last few days… hard to put down really but in a whirlwind tour

– fabulous overnight session with lots of everything but especially extended sensory deprivation

– super heavy cbt happiness – including lots of singletail to the cock and balls, ball punching, cutting the sweetest little love hearts onto the balls and the cock head, suturing and branding on the cock head…

– knife play, bull whipping, flogging and goodness

– erotic electro play, fisting, nipple torture, decorative cutting

– rubber fetish, restrictive bondage, electro, cbt

– heavy bondage goodness, nipple torture, electro

– heavy cbt catch up

– sissification, infantalisation, humiliation, golden showers, electro torture, reading winnie the pooh 😉

And that’s just the very short version!

mistress_jadis was assisting me on a couple of these… it was so good to catch up with her – we had so much fun tormenting slaves together, and then relaxing afterwards with a nice glass of red wine! We’ve got a double session coming up this weekend too which I’m really looking forward too…

Oh – and a reminder to any of her fans that her birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks! 20th of April – if anyone wants any help with gift ideas feel to check with me 😉