by | Apr 21, 2008

As lots of people know – for the past few years I’ve done a detox two or three times a year… I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years – but that doesn’t have to mean always eating healthy food – pizza and red wine do seem to feature more often than is really good for me 😉 So a couple of weeks of super clean, healthy eating, no caffiene, no sugar, no alcohol, no dairy, no wheat – everything beautiful and fresh and (almost always) made by me…

But recently it’s been much longer than usual between – I’ve been busy and/or stressed with moving dungeon (and house) and just gotten out of the habit of cooking regularly. So back on the detox wagon!

Though this time I saw a naturopath who gave me a specific version – which is pretty exactly the same as what I’ve always done – just with slightly less supplements… but longer! Eeek – four weeks instead of the regular two. The first time I did 10 days – which let me tell you is a snap – especially when I’m looking at 28!

But what is it with the dearth of old fashioned Health Food Shops – remember when every suburb shopping centre had one in a funny arcade somewhere… a shop with one small shelf of vitamins but a whole lot of food? All the strange dried pulses and grains and stuff – lots of packets of dried herbs – bulk honey – all that sort of thing. My favourite was Russell’s on Glebe Point Road (oh – and Macro in Bondi Junction when I lived over that side)… I knew it was the death knell when Russell’s became a GNC – because GNC is the face of the new health food shop… no food and not much health. Instead of natural unprocessed foods it’s just ranks of plastic tubs and pill bottles.

In other news I’m all booked for my next round of travels – off to SF and New York at the end of May – happiness… I’m really looking forward to playing with some of my favourite New York people and of course spending time with the delicious Mistress Wynter!