Two weeks…

by | Apr 30, 2008

Till I leave for the States again!

Time really rushes past – I’m sitting around at home at a little of a loose end because my session for this evening canceled… slightly annoying but you get that.

Been tooling around on the internet looking at mobile phones in the US – I’ve had a phone in the past, but because you have to recharge every 90 days on the pre-paid plan I lose the number – which is annoying, having to recharge every time I go over (well I could just visit every 2 months instead but I think that might not be such a good move). I think that I can get a t-mobile one and if I recharge with $100 it gives me a year to use the credit (and keep the number). So that might be the go… I found a website which will send me one, but I needed 8 – 12 working days delivery which isn’t enough!

Ah – sensible plan – have it sent ahead… rather than here. Easier than farting around on the t-mobile website which couldn’t answer any of my questions. The reseller had an australian phone number for all my vague questions.

So – anyway – I should have a permanent US phone number! Not that I’ll be there to answer it most of the time but at least I don’t have to worry about constantly having to sort out a new phone every time. Or having people drive poor Mistress Wynter crazy while I’m there ringing her to talk to me!