by | May 1, 2008

I keep meaning to write about things and then getting distracted, as I do 😉

But two things that have been on my mind recently have been these

– firstly – the new Kylie album, some fabulous (if you like that sort of thing), some not so fabulous… but what’s with the lyrics of White Diamond? “And just like a burning radio/ I’m on to you” – ummmmm okaaaay – a burning radio you say?

– more importantly have you ever really wanted to do something, then finally do it? How often do you expect it will be an anticlimax… I *finally* got to sew bells onto someone recently and it was just as fun as I’d been hoping! So very good… bless that autoclave I say! Now I can sterilise all sorts of peculiar things – smirks.

The autoclave is getting more use – I’ve been given not one but three sets of sounds since I bought it – so have been able to really do lots of intense, invasive goodness… I know that sounds are a favourite of mistress_jadis‘s as well so there is happiness all round. I had a lot of fun playing with some today – session all in all was much fun, lots of flogging which I’ve been really into for a while, then followed with the little snakewhip that caused some lovely welts – happy sigh. Rope suspension, cbt all sorts of goodness.